Channeled Oracle Art ~ Infused with

High Vibrational Energy & Messages from your Guides


Goddess Series

Connecting to the Divine Feminine Energy & Goddess Consciousness supporting your Transformational Healing Journey

Phoenix Series  

How can you become new if you had not first become ashes? 🔥


Cosmic Art Infused
​with Cosmic Light Codes & Energy

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Journey with the Oracle Sanctuary is a Sacred Space to Journey with your Inner Self using Intuitively chosen Oracle paintings paired with the Moon's energies each New Moon cycle as a divination tools. As a way to support your personal growth & spiritual journey at every level. Helping you to reconnect to your Heart Space & the Wisdom of your Higher Consciousness.

~ Become a powerful co-creator of your own life ~

With Journey with the Oracle

  • Fire Moon Goddess

    “KarenElizabeth shares her creative work in a way that allows others to gain a new and deeply spiritual perspective of their place in the world”

  • Fire Moon Goddess

    “Journeying with a piece of art is powerful and when the experience is steeped in information about the moon there is an explosion of medicine being offered. KarenElizabeth has developed a practice that is exciting to someone like me who is always looking for something that will challenge me out of my normal way of thinking”

    Dr. Erin Fiero

  • Fire Moon Goddess

    “There’s magic in Fire Moon Goddesses paintings. ~
    Each painting holds personal messages just for you ~”

  • Fire Moon Goddess

    “Journey with the Oracle Members Portal is such a beautiful healing place. ”

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 A Feminine Empowered Nature Based Organization
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