Meet KarenElizabeth 🔥🌓💃 Creatrix of Oracle Art and Journey with the Oracle

Sun ♈️ Moon ♉️ AC ♐️ Venus ♒️

Oracle Artist, Astrologer & Radical Rebel

I have been compelled my whole life to draw swirling tendrils. As far back as I can remember I would draw them over and over again. They intuitively show up in every painting I paint. I didn’t know or understand why I had to paint them , I just HAD to! Then one day I had the “ah ha” moment, I realized these tendrils are my roots tapping into and communing with Mama Earth & the Moon. They have  been downloading their wisdom, unconditional love and alchemy via these tendrils from their wombs to mine. Their messages are not only for me but for ALL my sister souls and the collective.

​They include messages from the great goddesses, each archetype passing on their wisdom. Helping to release limiting beliefs, the pain and oppression of the Divine Feminine, not only from this generation but from the  previous generations as well. I am currently working with the 13 moon goddesses, each one has particular strengths, ancient wisdom and love to pass on through the Luna to those of us that are connected with her. 

When I “tap” into Mama Earth, Luna & the Universe the messages are downloaded to me as visions. Marinating over time and eventually emerging into paintings. As I work with each painting they help me to break the bonds of my own limiting beliefs. Releasing the fear of being seen, of being heard, of not being perfect. Helping me to let go of procrastination, excuses, resistance and complacency. Encouraging me to Love~Honor & Accept Myself unconditionally, as well as to stand in my own Divine Feminine and Authenticity. Helping me to find the courage to share this wisdom and medicine with my sisters & the collective through the paintings. Encouraging All of us to be the Embodied Goddesses we came here to be. 

Peace & Love,
KarenElizabeth 🔥🌓💃

  • Fire Moon Goddess

    “Each line and stroke are filled with the radiance of the Goddess Herself and are powerful and transcendent transmissions for these times we're in globally. I highly recommend journeying with her potent and passion filled work! She truly is a Fire Moon Goddess that Sparkles SHAMELESSLY for the good of all through her he(art) works.” ”

  • Fire Moon Goddess

    “Meditating with 🔥🌓💃 art allows us to connect to a story in a different way, whispering messages that feels like it’s just for me.”

  • Fire Moon Goddess

    “Meditating on 🔥🌓💃🏼 art immersed me in a vortex of colors that suck me into a dimension of deep sensual experience. The tendril shapes, the piercing eyes, the languid glances that hide fire—all of these serve to unlock the depths of feelings within me. The color alone is enough to cause ecstatic reactions!”

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